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VSBCR, Inc. was founded by Albert Prince in December 2011.
Providing a weekly news report for the business, construction, and transportation industry for the western region.
We provide information on all major projects that are in the western region. Specializing in California High Speed Rail, Xpress West in Las Vegas, All School Districts, public works and private projects.
Our emphasis is for Prime Contractors searching for DBE’s, MBE’s, WBE’s and DVBE’s.
All public works projects have to meet federal, state, and local participation goals in order for all prime contractors to be awarded.

We provide the following services:

  • Provide an objective appraisal of existing plans and/or conditions.
  • Provide knowledge in areas outside existing management expertise. At this level of service, the consultant takes an active role in the decision making process and may or may not actually implement proposal or solutions.
  • Help complete complex projects that require more staff or time than available in-house. Serving much like an independent contractor, the consultant perform a narrowly define function with measurable results.
  • Perform other relevant tasks or assignments, deemed necessary by client’s top executive management and accepted as an engagement by consultant.
  • Continuity of Counsel. It is the presence of an available resource, a devil’s advocate, or at times, a support system that is familiar on an ongoing basis with client’s affairs and business.

For California High Speed Rail We can provide assistance in your all cities Expo (workshops) Identifying Minority and assisting With Certifications and Providing service for your SB Performance Plan Program. Assist in Meeting Established SB Goals

Further, when employing a Consultant:

  • Spend the necessary time with him to answer his questions, help him find the information he needs, and listen for thorough understanding of his suggestions.
  • Allow him adequate time to perform his duties.
  • Stick closely to the business as hand. Do not waste his time, or yours.
  • Maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude. The results are likely to be positive, also.

Then, after the Consultation has been completed:

  • Patiently apply the results. Time is required for most changes to be effective.
  • Carefully avoid lapsing into old habits that were discovered to be faulty.
  • Review the consultant’s report often to assure implementation of all viable suggestions.
  • Never hesitate to call or write for clarification of anything in the consultant’s report that you do not understand.
  • If the fruits of the consultation are helpful, do not hesitate to contact the consultant for further study at a later date. Businesses and conditions change, and re-evaluation of management practices regularly produces the best results.

We use Value Based Pricing. Meaning, client pay based on their perception of the value provided. The client defines their expectation. An advance retainer is made by client to the consultant and payments for services are invoiced against the retainer account.

A retainer is a contractual method of providing services that make the professional available to the client for a specified amount of time or scope of work.

We would consider a monthly retainer that would be renewable for or continue on for a year, the time contracted for would expire each and every month.

There are other types of retainers:

With a time retainer, you receive a set and predetermined dollars amount each period (for example, each month) for a predictable level of effort or service, such as analyzing client financial statement or making recommendations for management actions.

A base retainer should be used if you are unable to determine in advance the amount of service you (client) will require. You might agree that you will spend up to three days a month or hours per month, on an activity in exchange for a fee of $ xxxxx amount.

Further, consultant agree to charge for time spent in excess of the three days at a specified figure, perhaps $x xxxx a day or per hour. The client (you) pay for the three days or number of hours, whether or not they are used.

With an availability retainer, the client is guaranteed that consultant is available, if needed, for a specified amount of time, perhaps two days a month. In exchange, the consultant receives a sum usually equal to 25 to 30 percent, of the value of his time.

If the daily rate is $1250, consultant receives $600 per month just to be available. If your (consultant) are used, you either receive your normal fee of $1250 a day, plus $600 or just the $1250, depending upon the wording in your agreement.

Hiring a consultant can take years off of your learning curve.

We focus on simplicity, execution and results, not intimidating novels written in the foreign language of academia. Offering practical direction, not theory. Our solutions and plans are designed to be S-I-M-P-L-E to execute at the street level by employees of average intellect and drive.

We look forward to a key consulting partner relationship.

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