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Here at Valley Small Business And Construction Report Inc., we have been successfully connecting subcontractors to contractors since 2012. We are a contractor networking company specializing in bringing local businesses together for medium- to large-scale projects. Our broad reach and extensive knowledge of the major construction companies in California allows us to quickly connect with the right contractors for any project.

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Connecting Contractors with Subcontractors

We specialize in getting projects the personnel they need to reach their budget and timeline goals while completing a construction project. We are experts in connecting minority-owned small businesses with larger contractors to complete projects smoothly, and both companies benefit.

The development of any given area in California depends on the success of the small businesses that operate in those places. As expert project managers, we will connect your business with local reliable contractors/subcontractors. Call now to get in touch with our DBE-compliant construction bidding services.

Creating Meaningful Business Partnerships Since 2012

When two contractors come together and complete a successful project, they will often work together again. Our services are invaluable in creating strong connections between construction contractors across California. Before bringing two contractors together, we thoroughly assess each project and ensure that it is a good fit. We take an active role in decision-making processes at the beginning of any project and can help with putting proposals together.

Experienced Networking Pros

Our experience in the industry sets us apart from the other construction bidding and bid advertisement companies. Our detailed knowledge in this area allows us to perform all relevant tasks deemed necessary to get a project started by connecting contractors, like an independent contractor, and adhering to DBE compliance regulations.

In our time, we have made over 5000 small to medium owned business connections for successful projects. Contact our team to learn more.

We specialize in:

  • All major construction projects in western California
  • California High-Speed Rail projects
  • Xpress West
  • School Districts
  • Public works
  • Private projects
  • And more

Whatever project you have in mind, we have the resources to help you realize it.

DBE Compliance Experts

We want to maximize business opportunities for all DBEs (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) looking for more work in California. We are a support system for these businesses and will apply our managerial expertise to your situation. Our services are in place, so you don't have to worry about the technical side. Hire our team and acquire years of experience that will help your construction business secure more work in the future.

At Valley Small Business And Construction Report Inc., we've helped countless businesses succeed while helping our client's maintain their bottom line. Find out how we can help you by contacting us today.

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